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Welcome to Brookvale Primary School.

We are exceptionally proud of our school and hope that the website demonstrates this.

At Brookvale we believe every person matters and we are committed to ensuring that the children at Brookvale get the best possible education. I am proud to say we have a very talented staff team to make sure this happens. Our collective aim is to ensure all children leave Brookvale with the necessary skills and abilities to be successful in their next stage of education.

Latest Tweets

@BPS_B23 28/11/2022

🌲❄️Great to have a Trust Wide Personal Development Day. Covered materials from NPQH and reflecting on progress this term across school, planning next steps for the spring. ❄️🌲

@BPS_B23 26/11/2022

❄️🌲🎅Please remember, school is closed on Monday for children and staff. Have a great long weekend. 🎅🌲❄️

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

Year 6 have done an incredible job sewing their Xmas decorations this year. Shown great resilience and perseverance with threading their needles and tying their knots. So self sufficient even Miss Humphrey has time to make one! @the_atlp

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

Oliver did a fantastic job moving his can across the table. By rubbing his balloon on his head or jumper, the balloon atoms became positively charged attracting the can causing it to move towards the balloon! @the_atlp #bpselectives

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

Our budding scientists had a great time exploring the concept of static electricity. They managed to spin a pencil, move a can across the table, make their hair stand on end and even bend water! All without touching them! @the_atlp #bpselectives

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

You were fantastic, Year 5. Your performance was a great start to my day. Mr Hobbis/Miss Walker, where is my doughnut?

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

Year 3 worked hard to use a thesaurus to improve their vocabulary in English today! ⭐️✨

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

We had some super movers in Year 3 this morning!✖️3️⃣

@BPS_B23 25/11/2022

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