Admissions and School Tours

At Brookvale Primary School, we recognise that finding the right educational setting for your child is an incredibly important (and sometimes daunting) decision. Like you, we want your child to attend a setting that will not only help them achieve well academically, socially and emotionally, but one which will also celebrate their individuality, develop their personal interests and talents and support building their confidence and character, allowing them to flourish and thrive.

We warmly welcome all parents and carers to arrange a visit with us in school to see if Brookvale Primary School is the best setting for your child.

If you would like to book a tour of the school, please email the school office:

Our Admission Criteria

The Local Authority facilitate the process of consultation on admission arrangements for the schools in the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, including Brookvale Primary School.

When we receive more applications than there are places available, we will apply the oversubscription criteria which will be used to decide who will be offered a place, and the ranking of the waiting list. Places at our school will be offered based on the following order of priority.

  1. Looked after or previously Looked After Children
  2. Children with a sibling already at the school they have applied for who will still be in attendance in Year 6 (for primary admissions) 
  3. Children who live nearest the school of choice.

Within each of these categories priority is given to those who live nearest the school calculated on the basis of a straight line measurement between the applicant’s home address and the main school gates. For details of individual school age range for primary and secondary as well as the the published admission number for each school please visit the related school website or the

Waiting lists will not be fixed following the offer of places. They are subject to change. This means that a child’s waiting list position during the year could go up or down. Any applicants will be added to the school’s list in accordance with the order of priority for offering places.

Appeals are administered by the Local Authority. Parents who wish to appeal against the decision to refuse their child admission to the school of their choice should contact School Admissions at Birmingham Local Authority and request an appeal form.  Appeals will be heard by an independent panel.

How are places allocated to Reception starters September 2022

  • You will receive information from Birmingham City Council School Admissions Team in the Autumn about how to apply for a school place for your Reception child.  If you have not received this you need to contact the School Admissions Team on 0121 303 1888.
  • You should apply online at from 1st October 2021 and ensure that your application is completed by 11:59pm on the 15th January 2022.  If you need to make any changes to your form due to exceptional circumstances, such as you’re moving home, you need to inform Birmingham Admissions by 15th January 2021.
  • Places are allocated in line with Birmingham City Council’s admission criteria as outlined above (looked after children, siblings, then distance from school).
  • Online applicants will be notified of their allocated place on 19th April 2022.