Brookvale Curriculum

At Brookvale Primary School, we aim to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment, in which our children can develop into confident, independent and successful learners who will thrive in later life and make a positive contribution to society.

Just like the children in our school, our curriculum is unique. It has been designed and developed with all of our staff to ensure it is:

  • Bespoke to meet the needs of our children, regardless of their personal or social circumstances, so that every one of them reaches their full potential during their time at Brookvale.
  • Ambitious and challenging so that our children succeed in secondary school and in adulthood.
  • Rooted in the wider social and emotional experiences of our children, helping them become the very best version of themselves as they grow with us.

Our curriculum will provide our children with a broad, balanced and enriched academic foundation that closely follows the programmes of study outlined in the National Curriculum. It is also supplemented with topics that address the localised needs of our children, their daily experiences and important issues occurring in the world around them. Our knowledge-engaged curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure broad but ‘deep’ coverage within subjects, securing progress both in year and across the key stages. Topics, knowledge and skills have been carefully sequenced to build on prior learning and ensure that children meet ambitious end-points for each subject discipline, preparing them fully for the next phase of their education.

Whilst each subject is treated as a discipline in its own right, we also believe in the power of a revisiting subject content and applying subject-specific knowledge and skills through well-planned cross-curricular opportunities and enrichment.

Each lesson of our curriculum begins with an exploratory key questions, through which it is hoped that our children develop an excitement for learning, a curiosity about the world around them and a passion for new knowledge, understanding and skills.

We emphasise the development of English and Numeracy and skillfully build opportunities into all lessons that allow our children to apply their skills across the broader curriculum. In particular, the development of our children as confident and competent readers is central to our curriculum and subject topics are underpinned by relevant high-quality literature and non-fiction texts that have been specifically chosen to enhance the children’s studies.

We prioritise the emotional wellbeing of our children through a values-led programme of study, outlined in our personal development and wellbeing curriculum, our Education for Social Responsibility and our unique Electives Study programme. Through this, we hope that our children will develop into caring, compassionate, open-minded and responsible individuals, as they mature into young adults.