We have and continue to work hard to improve the teaching of maths at Brookvale and we are now seeing the rewards of this. We are striving to ensure that the outcomes for children in Maths equal that of reading and writing.

We have looked at the way we teach maths in order to ensure that children are receiving teaching, on a daily basis, that is routed in research and pedagogy to ensure maximum progress. We have had a range of external support and we are concentrating on a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to allow the children to gain a greater depth of understanding of mathematical concepts. We want children to see the purpose and importance of maths and we do this by introducing concepts to the children using a range of apparatus so they get to feel maths and can physically demonstrate the maths they are learning.

We then introduce the concept in pictures so they can see the visual representation of what they are doing and then we show them the abstract written forms of maths so they can effectively communicate what the have done and seen.

We have moved away from ability grouping within classrooms to ensure all children are enthused about maths and know that they can achieve. This has been very beneficial and children are demonstrating a greater degree of confidence in maths and particularly when solving problems.

We are beginning to see the benefit of this new approach across the school but most noticeably in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

In EYFS we have a 3 year upward trend in the percentage of children reaching a good level of development. The percentage of children with a good level of development is now above the national average.

In key Stage 1 the children’s achievement has been above the national average for the last 2 years. 

Maths continues to be a focus for us and we are working exceptionally hard to ensure our children leave school secondary ready and with a love of maths that compares to their love of English.

Maths Long Term Plans

Maths Yearly curriculum overview by Year Group

Maths progression document by maths strand and curriculum year group